British Singer-Songwriter Kris Ife Dies

Kris Ife_1960

Kris Ife, former member of The Quiet Five whose career spanned more than five decades, has died. According to Ife’s website and posts on social media by friends and his webmistress, Rosemarie Edwards, Ife suffered a fatal heart attack on 08 November 2013. He was 67 years old.

During his high-school years, Ife formed a skiffle group called The Gravediggers, and after leaving school he put together The Vikings, which in 1964 would be merged with an existing group, The Quiet Five. Once the two bands were combined, there were actually six members: Ife, John Howell, and Ray Hailey from The Vikings along with Richard Barnes, Roger McKew, and John “Satch” Goswell. Two of the group’s singles charted in the UK:  The Ife-composed “When the Morning Sun Dries the Dew” in 1965, and a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” the following year.

Ife left The Quiet Five in 1967 and went on to a solo career, covering Joe South’s “Hush” and later working with Abbey Road producer Mark Wirtz (of “Teenage Opera” fame) for whom he recorded the track “Imagination.” Ife put together a session band called The Matchmakers, and he and Wirtz subsequently collaborated on the Judd album Snarlin Mumma Lion. In addition, Ife recorded with J. Vincent Edwards under the name Jackson & Jones.

Kris Ife remained active in the music business for the duration of his lifetime. He joined forces with Mark Wirtz again during the first decade of the new millennium to co-compose tunes (“Learning 2 Live With Love” and “One Night Stand,” recorded by Spyderbaby and Anthony Rivers, respectively) for the Mark Wirtz Ear Theatre CD Love is Eggshaped, released in 2005. In 2006, RPM Records released the CD Hush: The Definitive Collection 1967-1973, which includes the entire Judd LP.

Kris Ife Hush

In 2008, Ife recorded the CD Beaver Street with J. Vincent Edwards and Wayne S. Newton, released under the name The Beaver Street Hat Band. At the time of his passing, Kris Ife was residing in Ipswich, Suffolk (United Kingdom).

Kris Ife: 16 June 1946 – 08 November 2013

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